I am Mike, the owner, designer/creator of these hysterical prank aprons.  It's always a great joy to see the laughter and fun created with the right group of people and the SURPRISE!  ALWAYS a joy!!  Halloween, Birthdays, Christmas, you name it...always plenty of laughter and fun! Anytime, GOOD to laugh at the BBQ

            SO PLEASE - ENJOY!  HAVE FUN!!  LAUGH!!!  PARTY!!!!

Thank you for showing an interest in our products on our website!  Our customers are enjoying the laughter and joy to lighten it up and have a good time.  All of our aprons are handmade from a polyester/cotton-blend.


Prank Apron Co is open to wholesaling! We are currently seeking qualified businesses to wholesale our product!

Please contact Mike at Revolving Products, LLC anytime to discuss wholesale pricing for becoming a seller for Prank Apron Co! Call 954-780-6615 or email prankapronco@bellsouth.net

Thank you,